​Summer sales of all single family (SF) home configurations in the Old Town area, with the exception of August, were uneventful. Nine July sales @ an average sales price of $950K... read more >
Posted: Nov 05, 2013
​​In July 2012 the Surface Transportation Bill (H.R. 4348) was signed. Inside this Bill was the Biggert-Waters Insurance Reform Act of 2012 (BW-12). Among the key fea... read more >
Posted: Oct 17, 2013
​Single family home sales in Old Town continue their slow push into record territory in either number of sales, or higher recent sale prices. The bottom of 2010 is past and mostl... read more >
Posted: Oct 02, 2013
Your own private island. A dream. Blue and white and sea and sand. Minutes from Key West.  Just you, some sunscreen and a hat. There are several islands for sale in the Flor... read more >
Posted: Sep 26, 2013
​On October 01, 2013 the Flood insurance on your “non-primary residence” is going up 25%.  Businesses too. Not, maybe up to 25% but increasing a full, flat 25%.&... read more >
Posted: Sep 18, 2013
​With little fanfare, single family home sales in Old Town are slowly pushing into record territory as nearly every bed/bath combination is set to equal or break records in numbe... read more >
Posted: Sep 04, 2013
​Boomers - they bought Mustangs, mini-vans and now RVs.  They created the suburbs and urban sprawl with 4-bedrooms ranches.  What about in Key West?  Many Key West... read more >
Posted: Aug 18, 2013
​Home sales in Old Town Key West follow a predictable pattern; January-February start slow, March thru May bring the rush, June-September brings the summer slumber (and the occas... read more >
Posted: Aug 05, 2013
​Is owning and operating a Key West Guest House as fun as staying in one?  The foyer that is so inviting, poolside cocktails, breakfast crepes and 4PM sherry with home baked... read more >
Posted: Jul 26, 2013
Absolutely positively completely and without exception, before you hire any Realtor to Sell your house, likely your most valuable possession, a treasure, insist on seeing a writt... read more >
Posted: Jul 11, 2013 / Key West
​Sales of single family homes in Old Town Key West in June came to a screeching halt.  Six homes sold.  This follows sales in May of twenty-two, April of twenty-one and... read more >
Posted: Jul 06, 2013
​Rising home prices allows home owners who have been playing it close to the vest to use that new found equity to make improvements to their property.  Some choose physical ... read more >
Posted: Jun 27, 2013
​Old Town Key West is a treasure of wood homes from the 1880’s to the 1930’s. Some homes were built in the Bahama’s, deconstructed, boated to Key West and recon... read more >
Posted: Jun 25, 2013
​Sales of single family homes in the Old Town area for May 2013 stayed steady at twenty-two (March and April were 25 & 21).  At $847,000, May’s average sales price... read more >
Posted: Jun 03, 2013
​Thru 28 February 2013 only seventeen single family homes had sold in the Old Town area of Key West.  As of 30 April 2013, that number has risen to sixty-six! Thru 28 Februa... read more >
Posted: May 04, 2013
​We know our homes pretty well, what works, what doesn’t.  How to turn a rheostat just so to make a ceiling light work, which outlets need a jiggle of the plug. Floors... read more >
Posted: May 01, 2013
​In 1992 the Florida Legislature created Florida’s housing trust fund with the passage of the William E. Sadowski Act (Act).  The Act created two trust funds; a state ... read more >
Posted: Apr 25, 2013
​Housing stocks from builders like Lennar (LEN) and D.R.Horton (DHI) to renovators like Lumber Liquidators (LL) and Home Depot (HD) have shown solid gains since the housing marke... read more >
Posted: Apr 14, 2013
​Sales of larger three and four bedroom single family homes continued their 2012 sales trend in Old Town Key West. While the Sale price of some bed/bath configurations remain 28%... read more >
Posted: Apr 02, 2013
​Buying and selling homes, businesses and property is simple.  Find buyers and sellers.  Link them together. Fill out some paperwork. Do some negotiating.  C... read more >
Posted: Mar 18, 2013
​Single family (SF) home sales in Old Town Key West, areas south and west of White St. (see map), remain sluggish through February 28, 2013.  Only 17 single family homes hav... read more >
Posted: Mar 03, 2013
​On a local level - rental property in Key West remains in very high demand.  Our tourism industry lends itself to transient workers. Homes are pricey to buy and maintain (t... read more >
Posted: Feb 18, 2013
​In July 2012 the Surface Transportation Bill (H.R. 4348) was signed. Inside this Bill was the Biggert-Waters Insurance Reform Act of 2012. This Act extended the National Flood I... read more >
Posted: Jan 29, 2013
​Engel and Voelkers Florida Keys has the chemistry and the personalized service ethic of a privately held boutique firm.  In fact, Engel and Voelkers is an international bro... read more >
Posted: Jan 23, 2013
​You can profit by buying home builders; MI Homes (MHO), Ryland Group (RYL), etc. You can profit from companies that support builders and remodelers like Lumber Liquidators (LL),... read more >
Posted: Jan 09, 2013

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