​Ahhh - Key West for Christmas.  No galoshes. No gloves.  No wool hats yanked hard down ‘round red ears, shoulders pinched together and pointed into a braci... read more >
Posted: Nov 25, 2017
SMART homes. Energy efficient. Advanced security. 24-hour monitoring. Allows you to lock 'n unlocked doors, turn lights on and off.  To know when the milk is getting old... read more >
Posted: Nov 19, 2017
Sales of single family homes in Old Town Key West in October rebounded strongly with ten sales. The ten sales were only the second time this year that the sales for a month beat ... read more >
Posted: Nov 06, 2017
I am always amazed how the same agreed upon "facts" can be seen as half full or half empty.  Thus, the renewed debate over the utility of the Mortgage Interest Deduction (MI... read more >
Posted: Oct 16, 2017
Due to below average sales in July and August, 3rd Quarter home sales for Old Town were likely enroute to a multi-year low - Irma sealed that fate. The three home sales in Septem... read more >
Posted: Oct 04, 2017
I bought my two-story eye-brow house in Old Town Key West in February 1984.  It was a wreck but that's another story.  Since Feb 1984, I recall just three hurricane... read more >
Posted: Sep 15, 2017
Twelve single family homes sold in the Old Town area of Key West in August 2017.  The total home sales January - August of 96 sales is only slightly below normal; i.e., 10% ... read more >
Posted: Sep 06, 2017
From January 1, 2015 until July 31, 2017, seven B&B's, Guesthouses and Inns Sold in Key West. Sale prices ranged from $2.275M to $9M. Presently five such properties are F... read more >
Posted: Aug 30, 2017
Of the twenty years I was in the Navy, I was flying in one way or another for over fourteen years.  Of those fourteen years, for almost ten years I was flying on, off, in an... read more >
Posted: Aug 18, 2017
On June 13, 2017, Democratic and Republican Senators representing Massachuettes, New Jersey, Lousiana, Mississipi and Florida held a news conference to outline the results of the... read more >
Posted: Aug 09, 2017
Ten single family homes sold in the Old Town area in July; down from 14 sales in July 2016 and below the 5-year average of 13. Except for February, sales every month in 2017 have... read more >
Posted: Aug 05, 2017
This is my 4th trip to Italy in four years.  Each trip as entertaining, rewarding and beautiful as the previous.  At every turn I am charmed by the graciousness of the ... read more >
Posted: Jul 24, 2017
There are six neighborhoods in Old Town Key West; The Meadows, Old Town - North, Truman Annex, Bahama Village, Casa Marina and Old Town - South.  Here's a map.  Des... read more >
Posted: Jul 05, 2017
Seventy-four single family homes have sold in the Old Town area January - June 2017, three less than the 1st Half of 2016 and nine less than the 5-year mid-year average. Two bedr... read more >
Posted: Jul 03, 2017
Historically, May has the highest number of homes sold in Old Town at an average of seventeen per year.  May 2017 had seventeen home sales, not only equaling this trend but ... read more >
Posted: Jun 05, 2017
In January 1884 a single black woman, Esther Ann Jones, bought a small cottage bordering the Key West Cemetery on the (then) outskirts of town.  Through death, estate, marri... read more >
Posted: May 25, 2017
The Immigrant Investor Program, also known as “EB-5,” was created by Congress in 1990 to stimulate the U.S. economy through job creation and capital investment by imm... read more >
Posted: May 15, 2017
Single family home sales in Old Town Key West continue slow-steady.  The number of homes sold in April trails previous figures modestly; 14% less than the 5-year January to ... read more >
Posted: May 04, 2017
​Between 60,000 and 100,000 souls rest in the Key West Cemetery - in acreage designed to bury less than 20,000. They lay above ground and below.  Side-by-side and stac... read more >
Posted: Apr 22, 2017
In the Old Town area of Key West there are six neighborhoods; The Meadows, Old Town - North, Truman Annex, Bahama Village, Casa Marina and Old Town - South.  Here's a ma... read more >
Posted: Apr 05, 2017
It was a January down, February up, March flat/down. Single family home sales in Old Town for the 1st Qtr 2017 finished with 31 sales, down 16% from the 5-year, 1st Qtr average o... read more >
Posted: Apr 03, 2017
For many property owners in Key West and the Florida Keys, purchasing a property is merely Objective 1 in a multi-objective Game Plan that leads to the long-term Goal of having a... read more >
Posted: Mar 25, 2017
For many years, owners of historic homes in Old Town Key West who wanted to upgrade aging windows and doors were caught between conflicting Key West organizations; HARC, who want... read more >
Posted: Mar 19, 2017
The historic charm and value of Key West architecture is unlike any in the Florida Keys. The unique beauty of Key West’s historic architecture attracts visitors and home bu... read more >
Posted: Mar 15, 2017 / Key West
February's 13 Sales were the highest since August 2016 and place the year-to-date Sales total at 20, which matches the 5-year 1 Jan to 28 Feb average. Three of February's... read more >
Posted: Mar 03, 2017

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