Old Town sales of single family homes continue a steady climb.  Number of Old Town homes sold this quarter (46) is up 24% over the 1st Quarter of 2014 and the highest record... read more >
Posted: Apr 01, 2015
After 62 months, sales of single family homes in Old Town continue to show strength, not only in sales and prices but in listings coming to contract as Expired and Cancelled list... read more >
Posted: Mar 05, 2015
A national marine treasure lays just 70 miles west of Key West.  Accessible by seaplane or boat, the Dry Tortugas National Park is a treasure not to be missed on any trip to... read more >
Posted: Feb 06, 2015
Traditionally, January sales (closings) are few.  December is not a big month for contracts, so January usually has little to build on.  Since 2011, January has average... read more >
Posted: Feb 04, 2015
​Old Town Key West contains several micro neighborhoods. One of the nicest of these is called The Meadows. (Map here). The Meadows is entirely residential and is criss-cros... read more >
Posted: Jan 27, 2015
Key West real estate prices hit their peak in 2005/2006.  Then, Ka-Boom! Prices fell 50%, bottoming in 2009/2010.  Since then EVERY home property type has rebounded.&nb... read more >
Posted: Jan 04, 2015
I own a 1987 BMW M6, aka the Bavarian Ferrari. The car had a right front brake caliper problem. A friend who is a mechanic at an area Lexus dealership said to bring it in and he ... read more >
Posted: Dec 29, 2014
Every January for the past 28 years Key West has hosted North America’s premiere winter regatta – Quantum Key West Race Week.  For January 2015, racing in Key We... read more >
Posted: Dec 10, 2014
November sales of single family homes in the Old Town area took a breather with only seven closings.  It is not unusual for November to be a slow month.  Since 2010, cl... read more >
Posted: Dec 01, 2014
Sales of single family homes in Old Town Key West continue their record pace of number sold and rising sale prices with each major bed & bath configuration moving higher thro... read more >
Posted: Nov 02, 2014
For the month of October I combined work and pleasure by visiting the fabulous country of Italy. For nine days I was a member of a group of 22 Brokers, Realtors and Senior Office... read more >
Posted: Oct 30, 2014
There can be no doubt that the buying and selling of American real estate is at an international frenzy. Whether as a second home, a safe haven investment, for fast-track citizen... read more >
Posted: Sep 20, 2014
Will Zillow devour real estate information or distribute it?  Will Zillow compel the National Association of Realtors (NAR) to become an Open Source for real estate informat... read more >
Posted: Sep 15, 2014
Old Town sales are half way through their fifth year of producing higher sale prices and, even more important, increasing number of sales. Steady, incremental sales of existing h... read more >
Posted: Sep 02, 2014
The mortgage interest deduction (MID) is one of the largest tax expenditures in the US tax code. Given the dissatisfaction with the US tax code overall and the huge federal budge... read more >
Posted: Aug 27, 2014
In a May 2014 report, the Consumer Finance and Protection Bureau (CFPB), criticized credit-scoring models, led by FICO, used by the financial industry, saying they put too much e... read more >
Posted: Aug 21, 2014
As noted last month, both number of sales and sale prices for single family homes in Old Town Key West hit 8-year highs. July continued that trend though sale prices did slack a ... read more >
Posted: Aug 07, 2014
Now that Federal legislation is in place to prevent onerous flood insurance rate increases on primary homeowners in flood prone areas, the task of updating Flood Insurance Rate M... read more >
Posted: Jul 24, 2014
Average sales price hits 8-year high. Record number of sales. For January - March and April to June, the average sale price for all the Old Town Key West single family homes sold... read more >
Posted: Jul 02, 2014
Guesthouses flourish in Key West.  Whether on the main street of Duval Street or in less hectic nearby neighborhoods, Guesthouses provide the personalized service that globa... read more >
Posted: Jun 23, 2014
The Fifth and final Law of Stratospheric Success provides us with a dilemma and a warning.  And a challenge.  Can you give without expectation, or need, of receiving?&n... read more >
Posted: Jun 16, 2014
Old Town Key West 2014 sales started with a bang with 15 in January. February slowed with 8, March had 11.  April also had 11, all in the upper price ranges, which caused co... read more >
Posted: Jun 03, 2014
My entire life I've been the new kid on the block.  You know, the kid who gets introduced in November or March to a classroom of students - who all grew up together. The... read more >
Posted: Jun 01, 2014
As the boss you have influence because people do what you want them to do. Your priorities become their priorities. You have influence because you have money, position or title, ... read more >
Posted: May 26, 2014
How many times have you heard yourself described as, or been equated to, a person with great potential?  Or that an idea “has great potential”. You think correct... read more >
Posted: May 22, 2014

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