Posted: Aug 31, 2015
A Key West Realtor in Italy
Fabulous Tuscan Vine and Villa

Make no mistake about it, opportunities to own fantastic properties in Italy are UN-limited.  Restored historic castles, villas, churches, mills and graineries, villas with working vineyards and inner city apartments abound. Or, buy an historic property that needs renovation and modernization. Maintain the historic architecture that has inspired the milennia while seemlessly inserting the best of today's modern conveniences. I would classify Italy as a Buyer's market with a tremendous inventory of desirable properties. If you have EVER considered buying real estate in Italy - NOW is the time to do so!

Personalized face to face contact with the top License Partners and Brokers throughout Italy

San Sano, Chianti. 3 bedrooms and 3 bath...

For over 18 months I have been developing a personalized network to serve you in Italy.  I have direct contact with the leaders of real estate in Venice, Varese, Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, Verbania, Milan, Florence, Siena/Tuscany, Rome, Ischia/Capri, Sorrento, the Amalfi Coast and Sicily.


These real estate leaders dominate their market areas.  Additionally, their knowledge and personal influence can access other market areas throughout Italy and Europe.  Some of these leaders and their market areas were presented in my Italy trip report of October 2014, available here.

Research, locate, purchase, architect, engineer, restore, manage, sell, post-sale.

Gorgeous villa in Castelnuovo Berardenga...

In August and September 2015 I revisited and expanded my relationship with the leading residential and commercial real estate company in Siena and Tuscany - First Class House.  FCH, owned by business partners Antonella Carlucci and Pietro Di Vita, is unique in its presence in many ways. The two primary elements that separates FCH from other luxury real estate brands are:


  • First, FCH is devoted to preserving the historic nature and value of Italian real estate by restoring and selling properties that are 200, 300, 400 years old.  Regardless, and I mean regardless, of the physical condition of these architecturally significant properties, FCH will fully restore any castle, villa, church, grainary, etc. The building exteriors are specifically restored with architecturally correct stone and brick to make the villa, for instance, look like a new 350 year old villa while the interior contains all the modern elements of a newly constructed 2016 property.  This is accomplished through the exclusive relationship between FCH and its construction partner Movitre. Movitre, owned by Pietro di Vita, is a fully equipped heavy construction company.  Movitre is devoted to using the best materials and craftmanship to create the optimum blend of historic architecture with modern design.  Partner architects and engineers are passionate and exacting in creating enviornmentally compatible, structurally sound and historically accurate residences beyond your dreams.
Castelnuovo Berardenga Living Room.


  • Second, FCH insists on working with exclusive listing agreements.  Whereas in the U.S., Broker Exclusive Listing Agreements are the norm, in Italy many sellers list their property for sale with multiple real estate companies. These multiple real estate companies are then reluctant to spend the time, energy or money necessary to market such high-end listings, fearing the loss of their investment. But, by insisting on exclusive listing agreements, called mandates, FCH can produce dynamic, multi-faceted, widely distributed and personalized marketing campaigns that targets affluent buyers for the high-end properties of its clients.

Concierge service at the highest level

Villa 4/4, pool in Massa Marittima, 23 k...


The combination of historical architectural preservation and exclusive mandates allows FCH to search for, attract and receive buyers and sellers from across the globe.  During my three weeks with FCH/Movitre in Sicily and Siena,  I met qualified buyers and owner/sellers of property listed with FCH from Italy, Belguim, Austria, England, USA, China and Australia. 


Prior to my arrival in Palermo, Sicily and as part of the personalized international marketing program utilized by the team of Carlucci and di Vita, they had spent three weeks in Moscow and St. Petersburg promoting FCH/Movitre properties and partnership opportunities.


In March of 2015 Carlucci spent 3 weeks in the U.S., visiting Florida; Key West, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Palm Beach and New York City promoting FCH properties and partnership opportunities.  Clearly, First Class House is an international real estate company that proactively searches for sellers and buyers of luxury properties in Tuscany and Sicily; whether that buyer or seller is in Italy, Europe or the USA.


Hillside villa with sea view east of Palermo.

It is my observation that the real estate market in Italy has found a bottom.  Retired owners of villas and estates prefer to live closer to family members who reside elsewhere and want to sell their estates to people more willing to maintain the villa and land.


The process to buy property in Italy is not complicated and essentially parallels the process in the U.S. The contract and title process is clear and transparent.  The movement of money is not difficult.  The exchange rate of the dollar:euro over the past 12 months has moved in favor of the dollar.  Using an international currency mangement company like Moneycorp will keep that exchange rate in your favor.


From Venice to Palermo, your special property awaits you and the contacts I have are ready to satisfy your every desire.


If you have any comments or questions please contact me here.


Good luck and dream of Italy!