Posted: Apr 18, 2018
Summerland Key Cove Airport Home For Sale

"Good morning Ground. This is Mooney Summerland, Ready to taxi with Foxtrot please". "Roger Mooney Summerland,Taxi Runway 3-0. I have new weather for you". "Roger Ground, taxi runway 3-0. Go ahead with weather". "Weather Information Gulf: 500 broken, 1000 overcast. Freezing fog. Visibility 1 mile. Multiple overcast layers to 12,000. Tops at 13. Light icing 4 to 7000. Winds light and variable. Altimeter 2-9-8-6. Information Gulf". "Roger Gound Information Gulf, altimeter 2-9-8-6." "Have a safe flight to Florida Mooney." "Thanks Ground, Goin' fishin".

Dawn launch

But by the end of the day you and your family will be sipping a cool drink, staring west into the sinking sun from your 3rd floor observation deck on the roof top of your beautiful home alongside the runway at the Summerland Key Cove Airport.  A light wind breaker, khaki's and dockers.  Your wife's hair glides on a handful of breeze. 70 degrees sure feels better than 20.

Summerland Key Cove Airport, Summerland Key, Florida

Key West 25nm in rear .Your home in front.


The Summerland Key Cove Airport, Summerland Key, Florida. The single runway, 12/30, is 2550' x 20' is near exclusively a Day, VFR field and sits approximately 25 NM east of Key West. No tower, no beacon, no lighting. Field identifier FD51.


Summerland Key Cove Airport is a private airport, reserved for the residents of the airport and their guests. The yearly landing fee for homeowners is $1050, payable every January.

329 N. Airport Drive, Summerland Key, Florida.


Built of re-inforced concrete pilings, concrete block, hardiboard exterior and galvanized aluminum roofing.  Three bedrooms, three full bathrooms (and a half bathroom), almost 2500 square feet, spread across two floors on an oversized 17,373 square foot lot. Almost 950 square feet of outside, covered decks. A 64 foot seawall and plenty of alongside depth will safely keep your boat. And, of course, a large, 45' x 45' hangar for your flying and driving treasures.


The house was built in 1998 by architct-builder Glenn Gray. Glenn Gray & Associates was one of the premier architectural firms in the Florida Keys and operated out of Big Pine Key. (Mr. Gray is deceased and the business closed).




The primary beauty of the home is the spacious and open interior.  Under a cathedral ceiling, the main level contains a gourmet kitchen, breakfast room, dining and relaxation areas and two bedrooms (ensuite).  Everything feeds to/from the main living room.


As you can see in the photo, the staircase and walkway around to the 2nd floor master bedroom/huge bathroom and office areas, overlooks the main floor. Fresh and airy. Natural, softly muted light is in abundance - a prominent feature of a Glenn Gray home.


Take a virtual tour walk through the property here.

No Irma Damage

The M20L has a tail height of 8'4" or 2.54m.


The house suffered Zero damage from Hurricane Irma.  No structural damage, no window damage, no roof damage.  This area of Summerland key is designated an AE10 Flood Zone meaning the bottom of the first living floor must be 10' above flood plain. It is.


The air conditioning units are raised safely and securely above ground.  This is a beautiful and welcoming fortress of a home.



Looking east to main channel


To the immediate west of your seawall is preserved woodland, never to be built upon. Your canal feeds east (see photo) into a main canal channel then a 15 minute idle to open water. From open water you can drive south into the Florida Straits to the best snorkel and scuba area in the lower keys - the Looe Key National Marine Sanctuary.


If the Straits are choppy, head north into the back country waters of Florida Bay/Gulf of Mexico for some of the best fishing in the world; grouper, snapper, mackerel, lobster ...



Winds east at 10 knots.


"Hello Center. This is Mooney Summerland passing 1-8-0.  I'd like to cancel IFR and proceed VFR to Summerland Key Cove Airport".


"Mooney Summerland this is Center. Proceed as requested.  No reported traffic. Altimeter 3-0-1-0. Have a great day".


"3-0-1-0. Roger. Good day to you Sir".


329 N. Airport Drive is offered for sale at $1,999,900.


If you have any comments or questions, please contact me here.


Good luck.


PS - This is not my listing but the Listing Agent said it was OK to write about.


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