Posted: May 22, 2014
The Second Law of Stratospheric Success

How many times have you heard yourself described as, or been equated to, a person with great potential?  Or that an idea “has great potential”. You think correctly that having high potential is high praise.  Only then you watch that high potential fritter away because you could not convert that potential into something actionable. You search for mentors to optimize your potential only to realize that often your pathway to a goal is, for many, a means to obtain strategies for their goal? Steering your potential becomes someone else's goal. How do you convert your potential into action which results in compensation?

The Second Law


The Law of Compensation - Your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them.

My third assignment as a jet pilot in the US Navy was to a squadron located in beautiful Rota, Spain. (Go there). Though still a junior officer, I was senior enough to be in charge of the detachments of people and planes sent to fly on and off several aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean Sea.


Prior to being in charge of my first detachment I was the No. 2 officer of an incredible detachment that circled the globe; beginning in Spain, crossing the Atlantic, the US, to Hawaii, across the Pacific, into the Indian Ocean at Diego Garcia then on to the aircraft carrier in the North Arabian Sea.  After a few months at sea fly to Djibouti, up the Red Sea to Athens then back to Spain.


I specifically organized all aircraft maintenance and logistics for the detachment, coordinating in person and electronically with applicable agencies before, during and after our paths had crossed. I also often streamlined other detachment activities so the Boss could focus on strategy, policy and coordinating with our seniors.  It was a fantastic learning experience – learning how to be not just a good coordinator and problem solver, how to innovate and make good decisions, but how to be a good follower and serve the people that surrounded me.

To command is to serve, nothing more, nothing less - Andre Malraux.

It was my honor to serve the teams I led, men of 35 - 110 in number.


My compensation was; one, to receive ever more challenging assignments across the globe and, two, to convey what I learned to other junior officers and men.  I’m lucky to know that several of those officers surpassed me in rank and responsibility and that they have been thoughtful enough to tell me they built their base of leadership by following me.  Heart warming compensation yes, but not exactly spendable.

How do I now expand the number of people I can serve, serve them well and receive spendable compensation?

Suppose you could build a pyramid.  The base levels are friends and those you know by sight and smile. You might not exchange gifts on holidays, but you do exchange observations, confidences and aid. Further up are contacts and clients obtained by business association and targeted (real estate) activities like door knocking or prospecting. Further up are referrals and past clients. Up higher are mentors, coaches and leaders you admire. On top, owning the pyramidium, is the person you most respect and love.


This pyramid is dynamic in nature, shape shifting and morphing over time, changing composition as you change base levels and people migrate from level to level.  You control and serve the entire pyramid through your decisions – decisions centered around who you can serve and serve the best. What about the 80/20 Rule?

I do not like the 80/20 Rule. Too often it implies compensation directs service. It’s Rude. It’s easy to serve all 100, not just the 20. You serve them from a menu you design, then tailor and delegate as requested. How is this possible? How about social media.


Suppose you built an elevator in the center of your pyramid, with corridors running from the shaft out to the perimeter.  Could you not fill these interwoven passageways with information, allowing those in your pyramid to pick and choose the knowledge you convey - like a Thai floating market of meats, treats, flora and desserts. Every time they Like something - you know, if they Share something - you know, if they give you something - you know, if someone they know Likes or Shares or gives you something - you know.  It’s as if you are collecting pyramids.  Serving the 100 many times over. 

Social media is a force multiplier and a distractor destroyer.

In quick order, pyramids are coming to you. Converting your potential into something actionable. Offering service opportunities that allow you to create impact so you may reap the reward of compensation.


My company is Re/Max Keys Connection in Key West, FL.  We have three offices in the Florida Keys plus offices in over 100 countries worldwide. We are connected through multiple social media corridors. Through social media and my own blog, I am connected to hundreds of Re/Max offices, agents and their contacts from across the globe.

The sun never sets on Re/Max properties.


My pyramid is crisscrossed with several elevators and corridors of social media. They are:


Please, come join me and the other people in my pyramids as we expand the number of clients we serve, serve with passion and opportunity for compensation.


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